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Coming in September: Erotica Apocrypha from Freaky Fountain Press.

Erotica Apocrypha
interpretations of myth and the divine.

All mythologies have them—those dark, twisted, horrible elements that are just Eros turned inside out. From the Biblical to the Norse, the familiar to the esoteric, the twelve stories in this anthology reinterpret and re-imagine these themes. Join us as we explore the known to make it new, and tease the erotic out of the darkness.

Featuring the work of: S.L. Johnson, Pepper Espinoza, J.D. Hastings, Maxine Marsh, Cass Quinn, Clarice Clique, Lydia Swartz, Derrick Della Giorgia, Konrad Hartmann, L.J. LaBarthe, Jennifer Hollie Bowles, and Jacqueline Brocker.

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