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Thursday Thirteen 002: LJ Communities.

Today's Thursday Thirteen is brought to you by cold, having a cold and being in pain, so I fear it's not anything terribly earthshattering. Still and all, it's something I've been thinking about for a little while, so I thought this would be a good time to have at it. Without further ado, today's Thursday Thirteen is LJ communities that are awesome/interesting/great resources.

LJ Communities: Thirteen of My Recs.

1. little_details.
Little Details is one of the greatest resources I've ever come across. Got a research problem? Need some information for that story you're writing and Google is failing you? Ask here and get some amazing and helpful answers. From the userinfo:

Welcome to little_details, a community that helps writers with their research and fact-checking. We have a large, diverse membership that can answer questions such as:

"If I hit my character on the head like so, what will happen?"
"Will this destroy the Earth?"
"Can guys have freckles on their penises?"

All types of fiction writers--professional, amateur, fanfiction, original--are welcome to post questions. Our focus is on factual accuracy rather than general writing advice. If you're still not sure what we're about, reading our recent entries page should give you a better idea.

(The answer to the last question, by the way, is "yes.")

Subjects range from history, language, culture, and small details like, "How would a receptionist for a CEO answer the telephone at his office?" This is a fascinating community, and I can't recommend it enough.

2. abandonedplaces.
Abandoned Places is a remarkable, fascinating community for the posting ofphotographs of places that are abandoned. Everything from abandoned buildings (factories, hospitals, prisons, etc) to homes and houses, to military sites to vehicles, to cemetaries, anything abandoned is welcomed. I have learned so much from this community and the posts are always fascinating. I've never been bored browsing here. Posts come from all over the world and give a remarkable insight into how quickly nature reclaims humans empty spaces and how beautiful urban decay can be in its own right. Some of my favourite posts:
Sutro Baths, San Francisco, California.
Near Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK.
Grebno, Moscow, Russia.
Fort near St. Petersburg, Russia.
Beelitz Military Hospital, Berlin, Germany.
Peter III's Palace, Russia.
Home in Portugal. - Which I would love to own and live in!
Trona, California.
Fancy Cat House, New Jersey.
House of Wills (Funeral Home), Cleveland.
Home in Portugal. - Another one I'd happily have - furnishings and left behinds included!
Revolving restaurant, Moscow, Russia.
Belchite, Spain. - This town is just stunning.
Pripyat, Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine. - A perfect example of nature reclaiming the landscape.
Church, Detroit.
Veteran's Hospital, Baltimore.
Renaissance Fair, Virginia.
The Fairytale Forest, Oak Ridge, New Jersey.
Estate homes, Portugal.
Church, Russia.
Raratonga Hilton, Cook Islands.
Labor Party Headquarters, DMZ, Korea.
Castle, north of Moscow, Russia.
Okpo Park, South Korea.
Pioneer Camp, Russia.
Castle, Kubinka, Russian Federation. - I would live here in a heartbeat. Some paint, power, and you're golden.
Gunkanjima Island, Nagasaki, Japan.
Centralia, Pennsylvania. - I love this place. I'd love to go back.
Nile Pub, Nile, Tasmania, Australia.
Giralong Shops, Canberra, Australia.

3. inclusive_geeks.
This is a good fun community with some great discussion. From the userinfo:

inclusive_geeks is a community for people who support anti-oppression ideologies. We are "inclusive" in the sense that this community serves as a positive space for groups that are typically marginalized by geek communities, such as women, people of color, people with disabilities, LGBT individuals, etc. If you are averse to political correctness, this likely isn't the community for you.

All content in this community relates to the various facets of geek culture (with the exception of a Friday open topic post made by one of the mods). This includes gaming, science-fiction, fantasy, tech stuff and comic books/graphic novels. One can post articles and blog posts from places like The Border House or Kotaku, snark racist, sexist, ableist, etc. stuff on other geek communities (on LJ and off), provide thoughtful analysis about cultural texts, ask questions, or submit anything else that's relevant to geek culture. Posts do not necessarily have to deal with anti-oppression ideologies, and general discussion questions are more than welcome.

Sometimes there can be spirited discussion, but trolling is generally stomped on quickly by the mods.

4. sinful_graphics.
A comm devoted to icons, headers, banners and wallpapers of a 'sinful' nature. This is a very NSFW comm and very explicit. It's entirely GBLT and het friendly and no flaming or trolling is tolerated. I've found it a great resource for m/m icons.

5. fanmix.
If you're like me, you make a playlist for your novel/novella/short story and have it end up as your unofficial soundtrack for your work. This comm takes it one step further and compilers of mixes make up cover art as well as give tracklistings and other things. The comm is members only locked, however, but it's a great place to see what others are listening to as their own playlist for a story.

6. art_nouveau.
Dedicated to everything related to Art Nouveau. Art, sculpture, architecture, writing, fashion, you name it, it's here. And so many beautiful things!

7. fatshionista.
A size-positive community for plus size men and women to discuss all elements of fat politics and fat fashion. From the userinfo:

Welcome, fatshionistas! We are a diverse fat-positive, anti-racist, disabled-friendly, trans-inclusive, queer-flavored, non-gender-specific community, open to everyone. Here we will discuss the ins and outs of fat fashions, seriously and stupidly--but above all--standing tall, and with panache. We fatshionistas are self-accepting despite The Man's Saipan-made boot at our chubby, elegant throats. We are silly, and serious, and want shit to fit.

This comm has been a godsend for me. If you're in any way overweight, this is definitely the comm for you.

8. kittypix.
Pictures. Of cats. All cats, any cats. All adorable.

9. vintage_sex.
This is a comm for images of vintage sexuality, that is, photographs/art/lithographs from before the 1950s. Predominantely het, but there are a good collection of GBLT images as well.

10. what_a_crock.
I love my crock pot. I love this comm because it has amazingly awesome recipes for the crock pot. So if you have a crock pot/slow cooker, this is the comm for you!

11. ihearttattoos.
Exactly what it says on the tin. Posts about tattoos, tattoo care, advice, art suggestions, tattooists, everything.

12. medievalcooking.
Although this is aimed primarily at those of us who live in the Southern Hemisphere who love history and historical recipes and cooking, I highly recommend it for anyone who loves to cook and is curious about what was eaten in the middle ages. Great recipes, hints, suggestions and advice for anyone with a love of cooking and the history of food.

13. danielcraig.
What? Mr. Craig is a perfectly valid interest! XD

And that filled up quicker than I thought it would. There were a good half a dozen more I could link, but oh well. Thirteen is thirteen!
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