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Purrfectly Giftastic Christmas Blog Hop.

For this blog hop, I decided to write about how the main characters in "The Archangel Chronicles" would celebrate Christmas. Most of them are angels, so what could angels possibly do for Christmas that didn't involve going to church? Well, my angels are a quirky lot, so there's quite a few things they would do.

Each year, two Archangels decide what the rest of them will do to celebrate the season. In 2011, it was Raphael and Samael, and in 2010, it was Uriel and Raziel. That was a year that will never be spoken of again, although Uriel still thinks a giant, out of control flaming barbeque is a great idea.

2012 is Michael and Gabriel's year to decide what to do.

Christmas eve is when the plans of the two Archangels get underway. Michael takes Samael, Remiel, Haniel, Raphael and Tzadkiel with him, Israfel, Agrat, Ishtahar, Sophiel and Brieus joining them. Michael's plans for the day are to buy toys – as many toys as they can in the shopping hours of the day, and then wrap them and deliver them to orphanages and needy children charities.

Gabriel, on the other hand, takes Uriel, Raziel, Metatron, Shateiel and the boys and goes on a different sort of shopping spree. They hit the stores to buy all kinds of gifts to put in care packages to send to soldiers and their staff on active duty in the various active war zones around the world. Once they've bought everything and boxed it up – with only a little bickering between Raziel and Uriel – they take the boxes to groups that arrange distribution for care packages to the military.

In the evening, the two groups meet up again at a chapel, usually choosing a small, out of the way parish, and take part in the services as members of the congregation. Israfel sings, and the voice of the Angel of Music added to those of the choir reduce many to tears. After the services, they go their separate ways for a private celebration, planning to meet up in the morning at Tzadkiel's apartment.

Christmas morning, they meet for a quick breakfast at Tzadkiel's. After eating, the group goes to visit an orphanage, the one Michael chooses being in South Africa. After a morning helping with food, gifts, singing carols and telling stories, the angels depart, and follow Gabriel to their afternoon's venue, a veteran's hospice, to visit with the wounded and permanent patients there.

In the evening, they retire once again to Tzadkiel's apartment and have Christmas dinner together. With the exception of Michael, they all drink too much, sing too loudly, eat until they are near to bursting, and laugh and joke. For one night, the Brotherhood of Archangels and their nearest and dearest are able to set aside their worries and cares, and celebrate together. And isn't that what Christmas should be about? Coming together with our loved ones to celebrate and be happy, and try not to focus on the worries and cares of regular life.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

As part of the Hop, I am giving away two pdf copies of my current release, No Shadows Fall. Leave a comment to go in the draw to win!

No Shadows Fall.
Newly bonded Archangels Michael and Gabriel are torn from their idyllic island retreat by the singing of hymns heralding stunning news: Gabriel’s ancient foe, Semjaza, has escaped from his prison in the stars and now seeks revenge and utter conquest.

With the wisdom of Archangel Raziel to guide them and help coming from the most unlikely of quarters, Gabriel and Michael join with the Brotherhood of Archangels to hunt Semjaza down and finish him once and for all. Because Semjaza's return to Earth doesn't threaten just Gabriel and his loved ones—it threatens the whole of humanity.

But even more danger lurks in the shadows, threatening the Brotherhood from within. If Gabriel and Semjaza finally face each other in single combat, will Gabriel survive the contest, or will Michael lose his one true love?

Sequel to No Surrender, No Retreat: Book Three of The Archangel Chronicles.
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If angels went to church, would they go to a little storefront church, or to a cathedral, I wonder? I'm ready to read more of this series! Angels=yes! Thank you!
I like to think they'd go to the smaller churches, especially the poorer ones, and help out when not in a Sunday service. :)

Good luck in the draw!
thank you for the awesome blog hop and wonderful giveaway and i beleive angels go to the small out of the way places :)
aw, I absolutely enjoyed this! I love seeing what the boys are up to! <3 <3 Love your angels so much! and yes... that's all that Christmas should be about~
Heh... I already own this, I pre-ordered it so not entering the contest. just had to comment~ <3 Thanks for the tidbit on what they do for this holiday! I look forward to the next time we see them! =^__^=
Thank you! And I'm so glad you've enjoyed the series of books so far. Thank you for coming on the ride with the Archangels. :D
Sounds like the boys are at it again. Definitely, this one is going on the "Need To Read" list!
Thanks for the Hop and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for joining in the hop! Your book look really interesting. I love reading books about angels :)
Ashley A
What an awesome hop!! And a fantastic giveaway! Thank you!! Happy holidays to you all! Best wishes and many blessings!