Ramblings of an Australian Writer

Imagination is a Light That Never Burns Out


L. J. is a French-Australian, who was born during the Witching Hour, just after midnight. From this auspicious beginning, she has gone on to dabble in many things! She wrote a prize-winning short story about Humpty Dumpty wearing an Aussie hat complete with corks dangling from it when she was six years old. From there, she wrote for her high school year book, her university newspaper and in her early teens, produced a fanzine about the local punk rock music scene. She loves music of all kinds and was once a classical pianist; she loves languages and speaks French and English with a teeny-tiny smattering of Mandarin Chinese, which she hopes to relearn properly very soon. She enjoys TV, film, travel, cooking, eating out, abandoned places and researching.

L. J. loves to read complicated plots and hopes to do complex plot lines justice in her own writing. She writes paranormal, historical, urban fantasy and contemporary Australian stories.

L. J. lives in the city of Adelaide, and is owned by her cat.

Publications include an essay written for the now-defunct Veinglory publication produced by Emily Veinglory, in the 2003 issue and a short story for the 2004 issue. A research paper on medieval women that L. J. wrote has been used extensively as a reference and guide for other writers and is referenced at 'All About Romance Novels' in their 'Ask An Historian' section as well as other places. L. J. has had fiction published by Dreamspinner Press, Freaky Fountain Press and Less Than Three Press among others.